Initiative for Science in Europe

The Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) is an independent platform of European learned societies and scientific organizations whose aim is to support all fields of science at a European level, involve scientists in the design and implementation of European science policies, and to advocate strong independent scientific advice in European policy making. More about ISE.


The European Research Area should contribute, through science, to three major goals: knowledge, benefit to society, and economic progress. ISE believes that scientists are central in delivering all three goals and should b consulted on how to achieve them.


ISE aims to help large and small learned societies and scientific organizations, from all fields of science, including the humanities and social sciences, as well as multidisciplinary associations be informed and involved on science policy issues at the European level.


ISE was created in 2004; it played an central role in the creation of the European Research Council. Since 2006, it has been active in promoting the European scientific community's views on the framework programmes and their budgets, open access, scientific advice and several other issues.

Member Organizations

Initiative for Science in Europe

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