ISE is active in promoting science and technology, research and innovation. Its main priorities are the funding mechanisms for exploratory research, such as the ERC, the MSCA, and collaborative basic research, the mechanisms to improve careers of researchers, the challenges of Widening and enlargement, scaling up and building capacity all over the continent, and how these Priorities are integrated, implemented and managed in the framework programmes.

The ISE Association has a committed, constantly evolving Team made up of active researchers and coordinated by the Executive Coordinator. ISE organises its work and prepares its positions through vigorous Working groups, break down into task forces where necessary, to act on strategic policy objectives of common interest for its scientific communities. Moreover, ISE is represented by active researchers in several fora, two main are mentioned here, ERA Forum and CoARA.

Working groups

ISE focus its efforts through two Working Groups currently active, Horizon Europe, break down into Task forces such as PPP, interdisciplinarity, and other, and Researchers’ Careers working on different issues such as the Observatory, the European Framework for research careers and other.

ISE Participation to public Fora

While ISE has its own Working Groups and Fask Forces, it also participates to other groups and in particular “stakeholders’ fora” put in place either by the European institutions or by other organisations of interest to its priorities. Thus, ISE is particularly invested in two platforms with strategic interest, the ERA Forum and the Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA).