Working Group Researchers’ Careers (WG-RC)

The objective of this Working Group is to define positions on key needs for most adapted framework conditions for the career of Researchers and their monitoring and follow-up.

Content: This WG-RC works on the principle that the precarity of researchers’careers is one of the most pressing issues of the research system, and on the basis of findings which show that funding mechanisms, the methods of research assessment and research grant evaluations are inefficient, time-consuming and can lead to poor practices that can disrupt the careers of promising researchers.

This WG-RC will be working in particular on the European Framework for Researchers’ careers approved on December 8 by the Council, the Researchers’ Careers Observatory developed by the EC DG RTD with the OCDE, the pilot prepared by the EC and the potential development of a future careers dedicated programme under FP10.

Chair: Mon SIMION (YAE)
Vice-Chair: Alexandra DUBINI (MCAA)

WG members: Michelle M. ADAMS (EMBO), Gianna AVELLIS (ICoRSA& MCAA), Scott BREMER (YAE), Ana CVEJIC (EMBO), Simon CLARK (EGU), Nicola DENGO(Eurodoc), Gabor KISMIKOK (MCAA), Ellen NOLLEN (EMBO), Alexandra OANCA(EASA), Dureen SAMANDER EWEIS (MCAA), Carolina VARELA (ICoRSA), Gerhard WINGENDER (EMBO), Marc YESTE OLIVERAS (YAE)