Working Group Horizon Europe (WG HE) and future Framework Programme

The objective of this Working Group is to elaborate ISE positions on the Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (R&I), Horizon Europe (HE),and to monitor it, as well as to work on the future 10th Framework Programme.

Content: This WG-HE is working to develop a series of recommendations aimed at improving the implementation of the current EU Framework Programme for R&I, Horizon Europe (HE). It draws on the broad spectrum of expertise and activities of ISE members in research and innovation in numerous scientific disciplines and spans scientific and academic, non-profit and public service organisations, to collaborations with the private sector. The group analyses the current content, subprogrammes and funding schemes as well as the implementation of the framework programme, takes into account its impact on numerous disciplines, sectors, and geographical areas,and discusses improvements that would increase the impact of the programme for the benefit of science, innovation and society at large in Europe.

Chair: Karin METZLAFF (EPSO)​
Vice-Chair: Enrique SANCHEZ (EPS)

WG-HE members: 

Fernanda BAJANCA (MCAA), Sandra BendisciOLI (EMBO), Gintaras brazauskas(EPSO), Sebastian DAHLE (Eurodoc), Maria W. GORNA (MCAA/EMBO), Gian Maria GRECO (MCAA/EMBO), Chloe HILL (EGU), Elena JASIUNIENE (EASN), Kostas KONTIS (EASN), MariLuz MARTINEZ MARCO (EPS), Helge PFEIFFER (EASN), Gottfried SCHMALZ (PER-IADR), Martina TEKAVEC-BEMBIC (EPSO), Mauro TORTI (FEBS)