Yes, PASOK agrees that the budget for the next Research and Innovation (R&I) framework program should be doubled. Increased funding would enable more ambitious projects, support a greater number of high-quality research initiatives and encourage innovation in a range of areas. In order to press for an increase in the budget, PASOK will support actions of the European Parliament, such as the following:• Work with the European Commission, national governments, research institutions and industry stakeholders to build a strong coalition to support increased R&I funding.• Engage with citizens and the media by raising society’s awareness of the importance of R&I investments. Public support can be a powerful tool to influence policy decisions.• Present best-case studies demonstrating the positive impact of past R&I investment on the EU economy and society. Use data to show how increased funding can lead to significant advances in key areas such as healthcare, mitigation climate change and technological innovation.• Participate in negotiations with key decision-makers within the European Commission and the Council of the EU, highlighting the strategic importance of R&I funding for the achievement of EU long-term goals and the need for a significant increase in the research budget.• Leverage existing frameworks, such as Horizon Europe, but also create new frameworks so that increased funding extends the scope and impact of EU-funded research and innovation projects.