Volt Europa recognizes the importance of improving the career paths and working conditions of researchers, particularly early career researchers, across the European Union. To ensure the effective implementation and monitoring of the political agreement confirmed by the Council, Volt proposes the following measures:(1) Advocacy for EU-wide Frameworks: While researchers are not an EU competence, Volt will advocate for the creation of EU-wide frameworks and guidelines that member states can adopt to improve the working conditions of researchers. These frameworks should cover social security benefits such as health care, parental leave, sick leave, unemployment benefits, and pension schemes.(2) National Implementation Plans: Volt will encourage member states to develop and implement national plans that align with the EU’s recommendations. These plans should include specific actions and timelines for improving researchers’ working conditions and social security benefits.(3) Monitoring and Reporting Mechanisms: Volt will support the establishment of monitoring and reporting mechanisms to track the progress of member states in implementing the political agreement. This could involve regular reporting to the European Commission and the European Parliament on the status of researchers’ working conditions and social security benefits.(4) Support for Mobility and Social Rights: Volt will advocate for measures that support the international mobility of researchers while ensuring their social rights are protected. This includes promoting the portability of social security benefits across member states, so researchers do not lose their entitlements when moving between countries. Additionally, Volt will support initiatives to simplify the process of obtaining residential permits for non-EU researchers.(5) Funding and Incentives: Volt will push for increased funding for programs that support early career researchers, including grants, fellowships, and mobility schemes. By providing financial support, Volt aims to reduce the precarity of research careers and encourage talented individuals to pursue research paths.

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