Volt Europa plans to ensure it has a strong voice in the ITRE committee, other relevant parliamentary committees, and the STOA panel through several strategic actions:(1) Building Alliances: Volt will work to build alliances with like-minded MEPs and political groups within the European Parliament. By forming coalitions, Volt can increase its influence and ensure its priorities are represented in committee discussions and decisions.(2) Expertise and Advocacy: Volt will leverage the expertise of its members and supporters to contribute to the work of the ITRE committee and the STOA panel. This includes providing evidence-based policy recommendations, participating in hearings, and engaging in advocacy efforts to highlight the importance of research and innovation.(3) Engagement with Stakeholders: Volt will engage with a wide range of stakeholders, including academic institutions, research organizations, industry representatives, and civil society groups. By building strong relationships with these stakeholders, Volt can gather valuable insights and support for its positions, which can be presented in committee discussions.

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