Volt Europa is deeply committed to ensuring the protection of academic freedom across Europe. Recognizing the importance of academic freedom for fostering innovation, critical thinking, and societal progress, Volt proposes several measures to safeguard this fundamental principle:(1) Legislative Frameworks: Volt will advocate for robust legislative frameworks at both the EU and national levels that explicitly protect academic freedom. This includes ensuring that laws and regulations guarantee the independence of academic institutions and protect researchers from political or commercial pressures.(2) Monitoring and Reporting: Volt supports the establishment of independent bodies to monitor and report on the state of academic freedom across Europe. These bodies would be responsible for identifying and addressing threats to academic freedom, providing transparency, and holding violators accountable.(3) Funding and Support: Volt will push for increased funding for academic institutions, ensuring that they have the resources needed to operate independently. This includes advocating for EU-level funding programs that support research and innovation while safeguarding academic freedom.(4) International Collaboration: Volt will promote international collaboration and exchange programs that strengthen academic networks and protect researchers from isolation. By fostering a vibrant and interconnected academic community, Volt aims to create a supportive environment for academic freedom.(5) Legal Protections for Researchers: Volt will work to ensure that researchers have strong legal protections against harassment, censorship, and other forms of interference. This includes advocating for whistleblower protections and legal recourse for researchers facing threats to their academic freedom.(6) Promoting Open Science: Volt supports the principles of open science, which emphasize transparency, accessibility, and collaboration in research. By promoting open access to research findings and data, Volt aims to create a more open and inclusive academic environment that supports academic freedom.(7) Engagement with Academic Institutions: Volt will work closely with academic institutions, researchers, and student organizations to understand their needs and challenges. By maintaining an open dialogue with the academic community, Volt can develop policies that effectively address threats to academic freedom.

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