Volt Europa envisions several key initiatives to rebuild Ukraine’s higher education and research sector and mitigate brain drain caused by the war:(1) Immediate Support- Emergency Funding: Provide financial assistance to maintain operations and support displaced students and researchers.- Scholarships and Fellowships: Offer opportunities for Ukrainian students and researchers in EU institutions with provisions for their return.- Temporary Hosting Programs: Establish programs for Ukrainian researchers to continue their work safely in the EU.(2) Long-Term Development- Reconstruction Grants: Fund the rebuilding and modernization of Ukrainian educational infrastructure.- Capacity Building: Strengthen administrative and academic capabilities through training and development programs.- Digital Education Platforms: Invest in online learning resources to ensure continuity of education and research.(3) International Collaboration- Partnership Programs: Foster joint research projects and exchange programs between Ukrainian and EU institutions.- Research Networks: Integrate Ukrainian researchers into European research networks.- Policy Support: Advocate for the recognition of Ukrainian qualifications and integration into the European Research Area (ERA).(4) Mitigating Brain Drain- Return Incentives: Develop programs to encourage the return of relocated Ukrainian researchers.- Diaspora Engagement: Engage the Ukrainian academic diaspora in rebuilding efforts.- Stable Environment: Support peacebuilding initiatives to create a secure environment for retaining talent.

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