Volt Europa agrees that the budget for the next Research and Innovation (R&I) framework programme should be doubled. This increase is seen as necessary to ensure that the EU can compete globally and address critical challenges through innovation and research.To push for an increase in the budget, Volt will take the following measures:(1) Lobbying and Advocacy: Volt would work within the European Parliament to build coalitions with other pro-European and progressive parties to support a larger R&I budget. This would involve active lobbying and advocacy efforts to highlight the importance of research and innovation for Europe’s future.(2) Public Engagement: Volt would engage with the public and stakeholders, including academia, industry, and civil society, to build broad support for increased R&I funding. By raising awareness and demonstrating the tangible benefits of research and innovation, Volt aims to create a groundswell of public support that can influence policymakers.(3) Policy Proposals: Volt would develop and present detailed policy proposals that outline how increased R&I funding can be effectively utilized. These proposals would include specific projects and initiatives that address key areas such as climate change, digital transformation, and health.

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