To rebuild Ukraine’s higher education and research sector and to mitigate the accelerating brain drain caused by the war, the EU could implement the following initiatives: Establish funding programs specifically aimed at Ukrainian universities and research institutions to support their recovery and development. Providing financial assistance to rebuild war-damaged infrastructure, workshops and facilities. Capacity building programs for Ukrainian academics and researchers to enhance their skills and knowledge in their respective fields. Academic exchange programs between Ukrainian and EU universities, allowing Ukrainian scholars to gain experience and expertise abroad. Promotion of collaborative research projects between Ukrainian and EU research institutions, promoting knowledge sharing and cooperation. Networking events to facilitate collaborations and partnerships between researchers from Ukraine and the EU. Creation of temporary academic positions or scholarships in EU universities for Ukrainian researchers displaced by the war to continue their work. Scholarship programs to support Ukrainian students and researchers who were forced to flee their homes due to the war. Support and protect academic freedom and autonomy in Ukrainian universities by ensuring that scholars can conduct research and express their views without fear of reprisal. Helping and resources to strengthen security measures at Ukrainian universities and research institutions, protecting students and staff from threats and violence. Facilitate access to EU research and innovation funding programs for Ukrainian researchers and institutions, enabling them to participate in collaborative projects and access resources. Simplifying administrative procedures and requirements for Ukrainian researchers applying for EU funding, ensuring fair access and participation.