To ensure the protection of academic freedom, our party plans to implement the following strategies: We will advocate for the implementation of strong legal frameworks at both EU and national level that ensure academic freedom. This includes drafting legislation that will expressly protect the rights of researchers and academic institutions. We will work to establish EU-wide standards and guidelines for academic freedom, ensuring consistency and protection across Member States. We will call for dedicated funding within the EU budget for initiatives that promote and protect academic freedom. This could include grants for institutions facing threats to their independence and support for academic networks that support freedom. We will propose the creation of programs to support scholars and researchers facing threats or persecution, including providing resources for relocation and continued research. We will support the creation of independent monitoring bodies to oversee the state of academic freedom across Europe. These bodies will monitor violations and provide regular reports to the European Parliament and the public. We will support the implementation of regular assessments and audits of academic freedom in higher education institutions, ensuring transparency and accountability. We will work with universities, research institutions and academic organizations to develop strategies and policies that protect academic freedom. We will launch awareness campaigns to educate the public and policymakers about the importance of academic freedom and the current threats it faces. We will support the creation of partnerships with international organizations that promote academic freedom, such as Scholars at Risk and the International Association of Universities. We will support the inclusion of clauses protecting academic freedom in international trade agreements and other international treaties. We will promote policies that ensure higher education institutions have the autonomy to govern themselves without undue interference from governments or external bodies.

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