To address growing concerns about research security, the European Parliament should play a multifaceted and proactive role by taking actions such as: Parliament should draft and adopt directives that address various aspects of research security, including data protection, cyber security and intellectual property rights. Granting specific funding within the EU budget for security research initiatives. This could include grants to develop advanced cyber security infrastructure, train researchers in security practices, and support institutions to strengthen their security measures. Parliament should support the creation of independent bodies tasked with monitoring research safety across Europe. These bodies will monitor incidents, assess risks and report regularly to Parliament and the public. Develop and promote standards and best practice across the EU for research security. These standards should cover data handling, cyber security protocols and protection against espionage. Ensuring that compliance with research safety standards is a criterion for receiving EU funding for research. This would encourage institutions to prioritize and invest in security measures. Strengthen international cooperation on research security by establishing partnerships with other countries and international organizations. Share best practices, take joint security initiatives, and develop unified strategies to combat common threats. Use diplomatic channels to address research security concerns arising from international collaborations and to negotiate agreements that protect EU research interests. Organize awareness campaigns to educate researchers, institutions and the public about the importance of research security and the potential threats they face. Develop and fund training programs for researchers and administrative staff on best practices in cybersecurity, data protection, and security threat identification. Establishing measures to encourage collaborations between public research institutions and private industry to develop advanced security technologies and solutions. Partner with universities, research institutions and industry leaders to understand their security needs and challenges. Develop and implement protocols at EU level to deal with research security incidents. This includes rapid response teams, incident reporting mechanisms and support for affected institutions. Providing resources and assistance to institutions and researchers affected by security breaches, including legal support and financial assistance for recovery efforts.

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