The next EU Research and Innovation Framework Programme (FP10) will have a deep and long-lasting impact on Europe’s competitiveness, social cohesion and technological leadership. To build a strong future for our society and our economy, we need to make Europe the most attractive place for RD&I, where new leading technologies are created and investments are made. The Framework Programme must focus on Europe´s strengths and on the technologies which are most promising with a view to future competitiveness and sustainability. FP10 should maintain focus on applied research, innovation and implementation – preserving, focusing and expanding Pillar II and maintaining the three pillar structure with the excellence principle at its core. This requires adequate funding in the European budget as well as a more balanced distribution, as the share of industry should be increased in order to meet goals on competitiveness and technological leadership. Moreover, it requires a rethinking of Pillar II to clearly place concrete research and innovative technology at the heart of solving societal challenges as well strengthening links between Pillar I and Pillar II to encourage the uptake of new, emerging scientific results in applied research.

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