In response to the question we plan to implement the following strategies: We will actively campaign to secure membership positions on the ITRE and other relevant committees for our MPs (Members of the European Parliament). We will identify members of our party with expertise and high expertise in research, technology and innovation to be appointed to these committees. We will form alliances with like-minded MEPs from other political groups to strengthen our influence in committees. We will work with research institutions, universities, industry leaders and advocacy groups to create a broad network of support. We will draft and table proposals and amendments related to research and innovation to try to set the agenda and ensure that our priorities are considered in committee discussions. We will produce detailed policy documents and reports that provide evidence-based recommendations. We will share these documents with committee members to influence their decisions and demonstrate our commitment to evidence-based policymaking. We will hold regular briefings and meetings with committee members to present our views and recommendations. We will launch public awareness campaigns to highlight our commitment to research and innovation. We will use media platforms to communicate our initiatives and build public support, which can pressure committees to consider our views. We will establish dedicated research and advisory groups within the party to provide ongoing support on issues related to ITRE and STOA. These groups will help our MEPs to be informed and prepared for the relevant debates. We will regularly consult with experts in relevant fields to ensure that our positions are reliable and based on the latest scientific and technological developments. We will nominate active party members or experts to join the STOA panel. We will highlight their qualifications and contribution to research and innovation to secure their appointment. We will encourage our representatives to actively participate in STOA workshops, hearings and exhibitions so that our party’s views are incorporated into STOA outcomes. We will create accountability and monitoring mechanisms for the progress of our initiatives and our participation in committees. We will create feedback loops with party members and stakeholders to gather information about our performance in committees.”

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