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We invite Researchers, Students, Research Organisations, and the Civil Society to sign the petition to their representatives in local goverments and to the European Council, asking for a more ambitious budget allocation to the next Research Framework Programme, Horizon Europe. Below, you can read the original letter in English and the letters to the ministries of the some Member States in their official language (see press release).

Signatories may want to sign both the petition in English AND for one or more of the Countries below . 

Petition in English

This is the main text for the initiative. Below, the adaptations of the text to some of the EU Countries

Other Countries of the European Union will be added soon. If you want to contribute drafting the letter for your Country, please fill this form.

Snapshot of the campaign as of 25th April 2020





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Signatures collected

Full NamePositionAffiliationCityCountry
Thomas Walter group leader Mines ParisTech Paris France
Martin Hulman Senior Researcher Academy of Sciences Bratislava Slovakia
Ingo Willuhn Group Leader Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience Amsterdam Netherlands
Maria Zellner Associtaed Professor Center for Physiology and Pharmakology Vienna Austria
Roland Bliem Group Leader (Assistant Professor) Advanced Research Center for Nanolithography Amsterdam The Netherlands
Anna Juranova PhD student SRON Netherlands Institute for Space Research Utrecht The Netherlands
Florian Karlewski Head of Research and Development HighFinesse Laser and Electronics GmbH Tuebingen Germany
Siegfried Gruber PostDoc Researcher University of Graz Graz Austria
Joanna Drugan Professor of Translation University of East Anglia Norwich United Kingdom
Ninni Saarinen Post-doctoral researcher University of Helsinki Helsinki Finland
Werner Blau Professor of Physics of Advanced Materials Trinity College Dublin Dublin Ireland
Christina Athanasiou PhD student HITS gGmbH Heidelberg Germany
Alexandra Maria Marques Fernandes Senior Research Scientist Institute for Energy Technology Halden Norway
Omar Hammouda PhD Candidate Heidelberg University Heidelberg Germany
Farid Karimi Researcher University of Greifswald Greifswald Germany
Kerstin Dornack Technican European XFEL GmbH Schenefeld Germany
Tobias Haas Head of Safety and Radiation Protection European Xray Free Electron Laser Facility GmbH Schenefeld Germany
João Miguel Murta Pina Senior Researcher UNINOVA Caparica Portugal
Peter Lobotka senior researcher IEE SAS Bratislava Slovakia
Stefan Kuhlmann Professor for Science, Technology, Society University of Twente Enschede Netherlands
Mitchell Young Assistant Professor Charles University Prague Czech Republic
Erna Pfeiffer Associate Professor (retired) University of Graz Graz Österreich
Arwen Cross Science communicator European XFEL Hamburg Germany
Markus Otter Junior Researcher ZSI Vienna Austria
Lorenzo Melchor EU science advice and diplomacy officer Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT) Madrid Spain
Mikael Granvik Academy Research Fellow University of Helsinki Helsinki Finland
Gorazd Weiss Head of Unit Centre for Social Innovatiopn (ZSI) Vienna Austria
Janine Lückgen PhD student University Hospital Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Joachim Mertz Project Manager K&S GmbH Projektmanagement Munich Germany
Bruzek christian eric Project director Nexans Lens France
Dorothea Sturn Senior Researcher Centre for Social Innovation Vienna Austria
Xavier CHAUD Senior Research Engineer LNCMI / CNRS / Université Grenoble Alpes Grenoble France
Martin Felix Gajdusek Senior Researcher Centre for Social Innovation - ZSI Vienna Austriy
Alvar Sanchez Professor of Applied Physics Univetsitat Autonoma de Barcelona Bellaterra Catalonia, Spain
Valtteri Lahtinen Post-doctoral researcher Aalto University Espoo Finland
Margit Hofer Researcher ZSI Vienna Austria
Anke Metzger HR Specialist HPI Hamburg Germany
Wolfgang Haider Project coordinator and Researcher ZSI- Centre for Social Innovation Vienna Austria
Elke Dall Researcher and Project manager Centre for Social Innovation Vienna Austria
Nasim Heshmati Researcher Uni Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Rossi Carolina Mendez Cordero Sales Manager Demaco Holland bv Noord Scharwoude The Netherlands
Elaheh Nosratirad Teaching Assistant Leuphana Universität Lüneburg Lüneburg Germany
Vladimir Cambel Director Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of sciences Bratislava Slovakia
Rafael Sánchez Rodrigo Senior researcher Universidad Autónoma de Madrid Madrid Spain
Andrew Ringsmuth Postdoc Complexity Science Hub Vienna Vienna Austria
Antoine Deblais Postdoc position University of Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Nita DRAGOE Professor Université Paris-Saclay Orsay France
Bernhard Frick research scientist Institut Max von Laue - Paul Langevin Grenoble France
Sanneke Stigter Assistant Professor Conservation and Restoration University of Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Xaver Daniel Hergenröther Research Manager University of Graz Graz Austria
Rafael Barranco-Droege, Dr. Researcher University of Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Thomas Carraro Professor Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Hamburg Germany
Katharina Kubatzky Professor Uni Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Angela Calderon Villarino lecturer University Heidelberg Germany
Antti Väihkönen Vice Director, Research Coordinator Helsinki Institute of Physics, University of Helsinki Helsinki Finland
Michael Phillips Senior Lecturer Karl Franzens University Graz Austria
Stephanie Zeuch PhD Student Heidelberg University Heidelberg germany
Bjarne Friedrichs PhD student Heidelberg University Heidelberg Germany
HE Feng Ph.D. Candidate Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Michal Wrochna Professor Cergy Paris Université Cergy-Pontoise France
Tijana Lujic Heidelberg University Heidelberg Germany
Rafal Matuszewski Assistant Professor University of Salzburg Salzburg Austria
Dr. Dimtrios Rompotis Laser Scientist European XFEL GmbH Hamburg Germany
Philip Hindenberg PhD student University of Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Martha Leticia Vázquez González Assistant Profesor Universitat de Barcelona Barcelona Spain
Adriana Porcutan Doctor in Geography Babes Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca România
Tim Dullweber Master Student EMBL Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Inés Recio Fernández wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin Universität Heidelberg Heidelberg Germany
Andrea Parenti Senior Software Engineer Europeran XFEL GmbH Hamburg Germany
Heli Vajavaara MD, PhD Student University of Helsinki and Helsinki University Hospital Helsinki Finland
Sirpa Jalkanen Professor, Academician University of Turku Turku Finland
Poumellec Research director ICMMO/Université Paris-Saclay - CNRS Orsay France
Mari Korpela president FInnish Anthropological Society Helsinki Finland
Florian Guhlmann Procurement Officer European XFEL GmbH 22869 Schenefeld Germany
Ubaid Ullah Postdoctoral Researcher University of Turku Turku Finland
Sarika Wilson Head of Policy The Guild of European Research-Intensive Universities Brussels Belgium
Anne Kouvonen Professor University of Helsinki Helsinki Finland
Mohammad Vakili Scientist European XFEL Schenefeld Germany
Wolfgang Freund Engineer European XFEL GmbH Schenefeld Germany
Sandhya Venkatesan Laser Technician European XFEL GmbH Schenefeld Germany
Peter Morten Moselund Principal Research Scientist NKT Photonics Birkeroed Denmark
Tonn Rüter PhD candidate European XFEL Hamburg Germany
Valerio Bellucci Scientist European XFEL Hamburg Germany
Moritz Emons Laser Engineer European XFEL GmbH Schenefeld Germany
Natalia Gerasimova Scientist Europen XFEL GmbH Hamburg Germany
Madeleine Bunders Junior group AUMC Amsterdam Netherlandsn
Hugo Santos Sir Hamburg Germany
Tobias Heider Senior Sales Manager Optoprim München Deutschland
Antje Trapp Engineer European XFEL Schenefeld Germany
Martin Brandenbourger Postdoctoral researcher University of Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherdlands
Vivien Sleziona Master student Universität Hamburg Hamburg Germany
Hella Küpers Secretary to the Management Board European XFEL Hamburg Germany
nils rennhack technican reserch schenefeld germany
Mykola Biednov Instrument Support Scientist European XFEL Hamburg Germany
Helmut Klaer Electronics Engineer European XFEL Schenefeld Schleswig-Holstein
Lilli Licka Full Professor University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Wien Austria
Ivana Klackova PhD Student European XFEL Schenefeld Germany
Julia Seeber senior lecturer University of Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria
Anne de Visser Associate professor University of Amsterdam Amsterdam NLD
Peter Zalden Instrument Scientist European XFEL Schenefeld Germany