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We invite Researchers, Students, Research Organisations, and the Civil Society to sign the petition to their representatives in local goverments and to the European Council, asking for a more ambitious budget allocation to the next Research Framework Programme, Horizon Europe. Below, you can read the original letter in English and the letters to the ministries of the some Member States in their official language (see press release).

Signatories may want to sign both the petition in English AND for one or more of the Countries below . 

Petition in English

This is the main text for the initiative. Below, the adaptations of the text to some of the EU Countries

Other Countries of the European Union will be added soon. If you want to contribute drafting the letter for your Country, please fill this form.

Snapshot of the campaign as of 25th February 2020





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Signatures collected

Full NamePositionAffiliationCityCountry
Romain Hardet PostDoc Inserm Rouen France
Mélanie Hall Researcher Universit of Graz Graz Austria
alberto parola postdoc University of turin turin italy
Anna Gasperl Post Doc University of Graz, Institute for Biology, Department for Plant Sciences Graz Österreich
Juha Kaija Senior Specialist Mr Espoo FINLAND
Juan Francisco Delgado de la Poza Medical doctor specialist in immunology Parc Taulí University Hospital Sabadell Spain
Arnaud MORIS Reserach Director CNRS Paris France
Massimo Baldacci professore ordinario Università di Urbino Urbino Italia
Roman Ulm Professor University of Geneva Geneva Switzerland
Gerda Zimmermann Student Austria Nüziders Österreich
Norbert Stich employee Biomedical research Vienna Austria
Beate Priewasser Post Doc University of Salzburg Salzburg Austria
Sylvia Gruber Selbständig GLE Ebreichsdorf Österreich
Maximilian Breitenbach student University of Vienna Vienna Austria
Ersilia Incelli professor of English Sapienza University Rome Ferentino Italia
Michel WIEVIORKA President Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris France
Regina Längle Student psychotherapy wien Österreich
Nico Peer Student (Master) Micobiology Innsbruck Austria
Cigan Emmanuel PhD student Scientist Graz Austria
Hristo Varbanov PostDoc Institute of Chemistry, University of Graz Graz Austria
Jacek M. Witkowski Full professor, Department head, President of Polish Society for Fundamental and CLinical Immunology Department of Pathophysiology, Medical University of Gdansk Gdansk Poland
Nadja Weigand Psychotherapeutin Psychotherapeutin Innsbruck Austria
Lara Manzl socio therapeutic GLE Innsbruck Austria
Bassam Lajin Lecturer Uni-Graz Graz Austria
Valentina Ambrosini phD student Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca Milan Italy
Dr. Juliane Sauer Director OxygenEUm GmbH Bern Switzerland
Markus Huber Postdoc Giessen University Giessen Germany
Anna-Lena Burtscher Student GLEÖ Bludenz Austria
Kerstin Klemm Psychologist gle Hennersdorf Österreich
Joachim Bitsche Psychotherapist GLE-Austria Bludenz Austria
Jorge Mejias Assistant Professor University of Amsterdam Amsterdam Netherlands
Albert Pérez Isidro PhD Student SEI (Immunology Spain) BARCELONA Spain
Gintaras Junior Researcher Lithuanian Energy Institute Kaunas Lithuania
Blanca Cárdaba Olombrada Senior Researcher IIS-Fundación Jiménez Díaz Madrid Spain
Prof.Thomas Lion, MD, PhD, MSc Medical Director, Senior Scientist Children´s Cancer Research Institute Vienna Austria
Rolandas Urbonas Deputy Director Lithuanian Energy Institute Kaunas Lithuania
Lena Zechner Office Manager & Assistant to the Directors Universität Graz, Wegener Center Graz Österreich
Regina Flasch Admin Assistant Immunologie Wien Österreich
Anette Lebbad Administrativ staff Stockholm university Stockholm Sweden
Julia Baldauf Data Science Team Lead Industry Munich Germany
Martina Albanese PhD student Unipa Palermo Italia
Christina Grinschgl Student University of Graz Graz Austria
Danko Simic University assistant University of Graz Graz Austria
Olga Jovanovic Senior Lecturer University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna Austria
Christian Lechner Resident Medical University Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria
Chiara Banfi post-doc researcher University of Graz Graz Austria
Marc Schwärz Senior Scientist Wegener Center, University of Graz Graz Austria
Lina Sarunaite Researcher Dr Kedainiai Lithuania
Astrid von Mentzer Postdoc Chalmers University of Technology Gothenburg Sweden
Trevor Owens Professor University of Southern Denmark Odense Denmark
Maike Grünwald research associate Julius Kühn-Insitut Berlin Germany
Max Niederreiter Master University of Graz Graz Austria
Marta Lovisari Graduate student Trinity College Dublin Dublin Ireland
Uku Haljasorg researcher, postdoc University of Tartu, Estonia. Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. Tartu Estonia
Miroslaw Sobczak Assistant Professor Warsaw University of Life Sciences (WULS-SGGW) Warsaw Poland
Caroline P Post doc University Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria
Stephan Koblmüller Senior Lecturer/Teaching Scientist University of Graz Graz Austria
Dr. Blacky Allexander Consultant AUVA Traumazentrum Wien Vienna Austria
Lina Beniušienė Junior Researcher LITHUANIAN RESEARCH CENTER for AGRICULTURE and FORESTRY Kaunas Lithuania
Prof. Manell Zakharia President European Acoustics Associaiton (9000 members) Madrid Spain
Virgilio Diaz Citizen Citizen Las Rozas de Madrid España
Eva Méndez Researcher/ Faculty Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Getafe (Madrid) Spain
Juvissan Medalith Aguedo Ariza PhD student Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava Slovakia
Bianka Siewert PostDoc/PI University of Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria
Maja Grabkowska assistant professor University of Gdańsk Gdańsk Poland
GENEVIERE Anne-Marie Research director CNRS UMR7232 Banyuls-sur-Mer france
Vincenzo Afferrante Phd student University of Graz Graz Austria
Hacker-Rieder Agnes Scientist retreated government Vienna Austria
Verena Speckbacher Cand. PhD University of Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria
Monika Mayer Lecturer University of Graz Graz Austria
Monika Mayer Senior Scientist University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, BOKU Vienna Austria
Agata Troost PhD student TU Delft Delft The Netherlands
Ernst Brandl Em. Univ.- Professor ÖGHMP Vienna Austria
Caitlin Ware Study Engineer INSERM, Université de Paris VII Paris France
Dr. Hermann Strasser Senior Scientist University Innsbruck, Technikerstrasse 25 Innsbruck Austria
Karin Dissauer Post doc NorthWest Research Associates Boulder USA
Andrea Garvetto PostDoc Universität Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria
Manfred Neuberger emeritus professor Medical University of Vienna Vienna Austria
Farnleitner Full Prof. Water Quality & Health KL Krems & TU Wien Krems, Wien Austria
Gloria Wolkerstorfer Graduate Student Graz University of Technology Graz Austria
Uwe Simon Professor Graz University Graz Austria
Dr. Julia Ebner Physician Medical University Vienn Vienna Austria
Francois Guerard Researcher CNRS Nantes France
Remigijus janulionis juniour research associate Lithuanian Energy Institute Kaunas Lithuania
Günter Kargl Senior Researcher Institut für Weltraumforschung Graz Österreich
Sigrid Neuhauser Assoz. Prof University of Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria
Ulrike Binder Senior Scientist MUI Innsbruck Austria
Jenifer Croce PI CNRS Villefranche-sur-Mer France
Domenico Savio Postdoc Vienna University of Technology Vienna Austria
Heribert Insam Professor, Head Department of Microbiology University of Innsbruck Innsbruck Austria
Alfred Paul Blaschke Univ.Prof. TU WIEN Vienna Austria
Joe O Hara President European Educational Research Association Berlin Germany
Peter Puschnig Associate Professor University Graz Graz Austria
Christine Siligan Senior Lecturer JKU Linz Linz Austria
Svetlozar Surnev A.o. Univ. Prof. Institute of Physics, Karl-Franzens University Graz Graz Austria
Paras Harendra Kundalia Early Stage Researcher (13) synBIOcarb (ITN) Slovak Academy of Sciences Bratislava Slovakia
Maria Müller a.o. Prof./Head of the institute Schubertstraße 51 Graz AUT
Nima Darabi PhD Candidate NTNU Trondheim Norway
Maik Wonneberger Research Coordinator INVENT GmbH Braunschweig Germany