HE budget campaign

The budget discussion regarding the next 7-year framework program (Horizon Europe – HE) is coming to a close. A lower investment than hoped for in Horizon Europe (HE) looks highly probable due to an unfavorable geo-political situation. This will have some dire consequences on European Research, and hence our capacity for innovation.

The initial allocation of 120B EUR to HE proposed by the Parliament has been revised to 94B EUR by the Commission in spring, and the budget compromise decided by the European Council this fall could lead to further cuts. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to make our voices heard by our national representatives with an effective and concerted action of researchers and research organizations.

ISE is initiating and coordinating an initiative that, with your support, will take place at Country level in all EU Countries. To put pressure on your local Governments, we have drafted a letter that we kindly ask you to translate into your language and adapt it to the way you want to use it as well as the political landscape in your Country.

The letter could be signed by national learned societies, academicians and other highly visible scientific personalities, and of course individual scientists.
You can use our draft as you wish, but we offer to coordinate the individual national actions as explained below. 

We will launch the campaign through our member organizations, and other partners in all EU Countries. By leveraging these networks, we aim at collecting highly significant signatures by scientific organisations, and thousands of signatures in each Country and get visibility in local media to put pressure on all policy makers towards a wise investment decision for HE.

If you decide to support the campaign, these are the steps and the timeline for the initiative:

  • Please sign up using this form by Friday 22/11.
  • Soon after we will give you access to a shared Google document, where you will draft the letter using ours as template. This will be a collaborative editing of a small team.
  • On Monday 2/12, the final version of the letter will be converted to PDF and we will publish it on a petition signing repository.
  • Both ISE and your team will engage with the national research community to collect thousands of signatures as soon as possible.
  • The signed petitions will be sent to your Governments and be publicly advertised on EU and national outlets to give it high visibility.

Being the promoter if this action, ISE will coordinate the works and liaise with national groups to exchange good practices and push towards the goal with strict deadlines. To be successful, full support of you and your organisation is fundamental. We count on you to persuade your Government to commit to Education, Research, and Innovation. Would you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at this dedicated email address: he-budget@initiative-se.eu