About ISE

Initiative for Science in Europe was created in 2004 as a platform for learned societies and scientific organizations, with the initial goal of rallying the European scientific community around the goal of creating the European Research Council. Since then it has been active in making the voice of scientific community heard in a number of science policy issues.


For many years, ISE was a de facto organization, housed by EMBO. Since 2017, ISE has become an “association de droit local” registered in Strasbourg. Its statutes can be read here. 


The members of the executive commmittee of ISE are

  • Martin Andler, president
  • Michele Garfinkel, secretary
  • David Lee, tresasurer
  • Maria Leptin
  • Karin Metzlaff
  • Peter Svensson


ISE can be reached by email at the following address. Martin Andler, ISE President can be reached at thefollowing address