Do you want to have an impact on political decisions regarding research and innovation in Europe? You don’t want to stay alone but participate in a collective movement? Do you want to join other European learned societies and scientific research organisations? Become a member of ISE!

Your community will certainly benefit, if you join us, in improving the European research system. Initiative for Science in Europe (ISE) is a specific organisation in Europe, representative of active researchers, taking into account disciplinary specificities while promoting interdisciplinary dimensions. It allows to collectively defend common interests, develop recommendations, and advise political decision-makers are launched through a diversity of investigator-driven initiatives. 

In addition, you and your members will be kept up-to-date of key developments inresearch and innovation policies and you will benefit from ISE’s contacts and dissemination channels.

Here is a brief overview of the application process, it is quite simple and fast.

First, to facilitate the membership of European research communities of all disciplines in the ISE, we have put in place a progressive contribution system and maintained at a low level.

Please take note of our membership requirements and fees. You can download relevant information from this link.

To apply, please write an email to our President (or press the button below), join a letter expressing your motivation to be part of ISE, and attach a brief description of your organisation.

Our Executive Committee will examine your application, and once validated, the Executive Coordinator will inform you of the decision.