Activities & Initiatives

ISE is active in the promotion of research and innovation. Follows, in reverse chronological order, a list of the main activities and initiatives that ISE has promoted since its creation.


July 2020: statement on MFF negotiation box

ISE published this statement a few days before the meeting of the European Council. The novel negotiation box proposed one week earlier by the President had struck down the total budget to levels considered unacceptable by the scientific community. [READ THE STATEMENT]

June 2020: statement on budget discussion

In this statement, ISE acknowledged the effort made by the European Commission to shape the new budget, but  criticised the proposal to fall short of being ambitious enough for the challenges ahead.


April 2020: letter to EU leaders

ISE wrote to the presidents of the EU Commission, EU Parliament, and EU Council, and to the Commissioner for Research and Innovation, to highlight the challenges ahead for an equitable distribution of research capacity, and an efficient balance across all fields of research and all Countries. All but the President of the EU Commission replied to ISE confirming their willingness to take into account our recommendations. [READ THE LETTER]

April 2020: statement about the ERC President resignation

Upon the controversial resignations of the ERC President, Prof. Mauro Ferrari, ISE published a statement to support the values and mission of the ERC. [READ THE STATEMENT]

February 2020: petition to invest more in Horizon Europe

ISE collected thousands of signatures from eminent scientists, research organisations, and concerned citizens, to push for a much more ambitious budget for Horizon Europe.[READ PRESS RELEASE]

October 2019: Horizon Europe budget campaign

ISE launched a synchronised action to write letters to the leaders of EU-28 Countries to ask for wise investment decisions for the next R&I framework programme. [READ MORE]

April 2016: Funding gap in collaborative research

ISE organised a meeting to evaluate views and evidence on collaborative research funding in H2020. Work by ISE suggests that due to the focus on higher technology levels, the societal challenges part of H2020 misses out the potential from projects that are anchored in basic research. [READ THE PAPER]