Press Release: ISE on Iliana Ivanova’s nomination

PRESS RELEASE: ISE on Iliana Ivanova’s nomination

Strasbourg, July 3, 2023

ISE welcomes the nomination of Iliana Ivanova as the new Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth. Her experiences as MEP and in the European Court of Auditors render her highly qualified for the position; we hope that the nomination will be quickly approved by the European Parliament, so that she can give a new impulsion to several crucial issues in her broad portfolio.

ISE urges Iliana Ivanova to guarantee continuity of R&I programmes and ambitions and wishes her audacity and resolution to succeed in her new tasks. ISE and its members are ready to work with her on the priorities identified for Horizon Europe, and for the European Research Area.

The EC consultation closed in February has brought to light the necessity to improve the implementation of Horizon Europe, and to learn the lessons to prepare an even better framework programme 10.

The situation of early career researchers requires strong and urgent actions (see ISE’s Manifesto to support early career researchers). We encourage the new Commissioner to pursue the ambitions initiated by Ms. Gabriel:
– finalise the definition of a “European Framework for Research Careers” to guarantee equal treatment and fair and solid work conditions to all researchers in the EU;
– update, consolidate, and promote the existing “Charter&Code” and “Human Resources Strategy for Researchers” and monitor the research institutions which signed it;
– put in place an independent “European Research & Innovation Careers Observatory” to monitor research career paths and provide factual data allowing for evidence-based decisions,
– launch the “Pilot call” in preparation, in the frame of Horizon Europe, to test the feasibility of a joint engagement and funding mechanism between EC and MS with Universities, Research Performing Organisations  and Companies;
as well as:
– prepare a new programme dedicated to a researchers’ careers in Framework Programme 10, complementing the ERC and Marie Sklodowska-Curie programmes.

In addition, ISE wishes the new Commissioner to address the other main concerns:
Change the Widening participation dilemma by simplifying the funding schemes and putting in place mechanisms helping researchers from Widening countries to participate in all Horizon Europe pillars, without confining them to low-budget and low prestige programmes alone.
Shelter the MSCA and ERC programmes, essential to raising the levels of excellence in Europe and investigator-driven to pursue ground-breaking, high-risk/high-gain research from budgetary cuts.
Include Collaborative academic basic research as an intrinsic component of R&I Actions in all funding schemes and mechanisms, including public-private partnerships; it is indispensable for addressing Global Challenges.
Take urgent measures to address threats against science, scientists, and the freedom of research.

ISE considers these strongly interconnected dimensions to be a crucial requisite to build a stronger and fairer European Research Area.

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Contact details:
Dr. Monica Dietl
Research Director, Executive Coordinator
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