A Manifesto for Early Career Researchers

In these times of uncertainty and upheaval, vigorous support for early career researchers, for their research work, for a stimulating research environment and best working conditions, is essential.

Recent crises, as the Covid epidemic and the war in Ukraine, have compounded the problems facing the emerging generation of researchers. More than ever, we need to motivate and support them, to continue to build and consolidate our continent’s future, rise up to the challenges facing our societies, work for peace in a healthy world. 

The present Manifesto is seeking to collect from key stakeholders broad and robust support to early career investigators and scholars.

It is an outcome of the 4th Gago Conference on European Science Policy, on June 13, 2022, which brought together in Brussels research institutions, policy makers and representatives of early career researchers´ associations. It was organised by the Centre national de la recherche scientifique (France), Ciencia Viva (Portugal and ISE, with the support of the French Presidency of Council of the European Union. The Conference was initiated following the former ERC president Jean-Pierre Bourguignon’s appeal  to the Commission, in the fall of 2021, to organise a conference on the dramatic impact of the Covid pandemic on early career researchers, appeal which ISE supported.

Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth Mariya Gabriel, expressed her support through a written message to the Conference participants, among whom were Jean-Pierre Bourguignon and Manuel Heitor, the former Minister for Research of Portugal, as well as representatives of young researchers organisations. 

The drafting of the Manifesto involved, in addition to Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Manuel Heitor, Initiative for Science in Europe and Ciencia Viva, the following organisations : Young Academy Europe, Marie-Curie Alumni Association, Eurodoc, European Public Health Association – next generation, Centre national de la Recherche Scientifique, European League of Research Universities, National Association of Researchers in Science and Technology of Portugal (ANICT), National Junior Faculty of Sweden and Junior Faculty steering group of the Karolinska Institute.

The list of organisations and individuals having endorsed the mainfesto is here

The Manifesto calls for:

  1. Europe-wide monitoring of young researchers’ situation
  2. Improving research careers and working conditions in Research Performing Organisations (RPOs), Research and Technology Organisations (RTOs) and in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs)
  3. Enhancing research careers in the third sector, including NGOs and governmental organisations
  4. Involving national funding agencies in cooperation with the European Commission.

Download the Manifesto here.

Endorse the Manifesto here.