ISE statement on the war in Ukraine

ISE condemns the Russian government’s illegal war against Ukraine.

We are deeply concerned by the resulting humanitarian crisis and would like to extend our sincere support, sympathy and solidarity to all those whose lives are impacted. The invasion is an assault on the fundamental principles of freedom, democracy and self-determination. This tragedy brings about immediate and long-term devastating effects on the country and society, as well as on the development of the scientific cooperation between Eastern and Western European nations.

We strongly urge for the immediate termination of all military action against Ukraine and an end to this war. In protest against the ongoing violence of the Russian army in Ukraine, we call for the suspension of all joint actions co-sponsored with the Russian State for the time being. At the same time, we want to express our sympathy with the Russian people who refute the aggression of their government and are being endangered for expressing their disagreement in their own homeland. We encourage our members and their institutions to fully support all those in Ukraine who are suffering, including our research colleagues, their friends, families and wider communities. In addition to humanitarian support, we call on the academic institutions in Europe to specifically support scientists, both refugees escaping from Ukraine and scientists staying within the country.

Professor Martin Andler

President of the Initiative for Science in Europe

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