Towards a better involvement of research communities in the development of the new ERA

Sorbonne University, Paris – 17 May 2022

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This is a closed, upon-invitation meeting that will bring together the different entities representing research communities (learned societies, associations of researchers, universities, academies), representing hundreds of thousands of researchers and millions of students. The aim is to present ambitious, realistic and effective proposals for the future of Research and Innovation in Europe. It will be the culmination of a collective work of consultation between these entities started in October 2021.


Part I. Identification of the main research policy priorities

  • Introduction and motivation.
  • Presentation of the conclusions of the working groups set up in October 2021
  • Determination of priorities.

Part II. Links with other stakeholders: industry, civic organizations, political parties, press.

  • Which partners for which public policy priority?
  • How to organize exchanges with them?


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